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Tarot Tips, Observations, Truths & Myths about this interesting subject.

And few rules on how to get the best reading. 


This a great hobby if you get into it. I have 132 decks. if you're going to read professionally you absolutely cannot be cavilier with peoples lives. 


With that out of the way- 


Tarot cards are not Celestial Ether nor the Devils spawn, they don't lift curses. They are made of ink & paper. 


Tarot readings are a snapshot of what is going on your life at the time of the reading. It shows what currently going on, touches on the past, looks at the possiblilies, along with the near future as well as the most likely outcome. What you do with the information is up to you. 


I have never met a Guardian Angel running the show. I will say that there is a Cosmic Current that runs through them, you and I. That's what connects us all. Call it Divine energy, God, your Guides, Angels, your dead Auntie that still hangs around to give her 2 cents... whatever works for you. 


Tarot is at its best with close ended questions, try and stay in the near future. If you ask for say, a year away, the looser the answer gets... to many variables will skew the cards. we have freewill and not everything is set in stone. 

Tarot is a little tricky- it will answer the question in the way that you ask it. 
Kinda like a Genie in the bottle. Don't ask if So & So loves you. They very well may, but they may have also, made a personal vow with themselves to shelve "Love", to focus on getting a career in place before they will allow a relationship. So, Tarot will say Yes, he does... but may not get into the rest of it, simply because it's not our business. 

Tarot Tip: Rephrase the question. You don't want to know if he loves you... you were really asking if this guy was going to get serious with you. 
That's the question you should have asked in the first place. 

Don't ask questions like; Will I ever?, or Should I? .        

Tarot's response: When? Between now & death? 

Tarot does tend to get an attitude and will not answer. 


If you have been putting alot of energy & focus on say a job search, or looking to move, change jobs, buy a house? Will it get funded?  What's wrong if anything with the house? (Bad pipes, cracked foundation for example.)  It will answer. 
I used to do a lot of Real Estate readings for Realtors in California.  

I've read for quite a few court cases- those are interesting. 


It will not answer about your love life, if you're just working and going straight home. What effort are you putting into meeting someone? Are you on a dating app?, Are your friends setting you up? Don't ask me if someone is going to fall out of the sky while your driving home- your chances are remote. 


Tarot cards reflect the truth, I can see the cause and effect in a situation. I have often said "People lie, Tarot cards don't." They are only able to pick up the energy around a situation to tell us the story.
It's like reading a cosmic newpaper.-- pretty cool. 


Readings are not set in stone, their are many varibles, people can change their minds, or make last second decisons. It's not a perfect science. 

You are in charge of your future, even if your living the current reality of crappy decisions, remember that. 


Don't come to a reading so guarded that you're afraid of influencing the reading. It makes my job harder and wastes your time/money. 

It's also considered playing games. Never worry, I want you to keep everything to yourself intially. I want to see what the cards have to say first.


If I feel the readings are becoming a "crutch" and not a healthy path,

I reserve the right to stop our appointments. Tarot should guide you, never enable you.

(I understand it gets intoxicating & exciting when the readings evolve like living movies, it's so easy to get sucked into "I need another, and another  reading.. ") 


I read by appointment only, the session is prepaid. Please be on time.     My schedule can get tight, if you are late it cuts into your time not mine. 










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